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Toronto Hypnosis Services

Hello, I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Clinical Consulting Hypnotist, Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) Facilitator and NLP Practitioner.  I believe in giving my clients the skills they need to address problems that come up in life along the way.  I have meditated for over 25 years and teach any client that would like to learn this skill.

I regard the use of meditation and realistic study of our own projections and fears as the starting point on a journey of increased personal effectiveness.  I can offer the traveler of this journey an impressive collection of tools and guides.

We hope to have a single office day per week in the Toronto area within the next 6 months.  In the meantime feel free to call and come into the Newmarket office or make arrangements for Skype sessions!

Is Hypnosis Right for you?

Everyone with normal brain function is hypnotizable.  Hypnosis is a normal state that we regularly experience.  For example, when we are deeply engrossed in a film or good book, we are in a “trance” state.  When we experience lapses of time on long drives and all of a sudden think, wow how did I get to this point so fast?  That state is actually called highway hypnosis and although your mind has drifted away, you are still aware and able to drive.   If something happened, such as a car put on its brakes in front of you, you would quickly come back to full awareness and brake as well.  You are always in control during hypnosis and can come out of it whenever you wish.

The main thing to remember about hypnosis is that it gives you the power to change the things in your life that are not working for you.  It is a powerful tool in this respect.  Whereas many people believe in “willpower” to change behaviours, hypnosis can actually help to implement change without the constant work of “willpower”.

About Toronto

Toronto Being the most populous city in Canada as well as the capital of Ontario, is also the most populous metropolitan area in Canada (GTA).  It has a population of ~6,000,000 and together with Montreal comprises 30% of all Canadians. Toronto is also an international centre of business, finance, the arts and culture. It is widely recognized as one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the world.

The land that Toronto sits on was inhabited for thousands of years by native peoples.  The actual city dates to 1787 when the British purchased the land from the Missisauga Native Canadians. At that time the Town of York was established and later designated the capital of Upper Canada.  During the War of 1812 it suffered heavy damage from U.S. troops.  The Town of York was renamed and incorporated as the City of Toronto in 1834 and became the capital of Ontario in 1867. As in all cities it grew by amalgamation with the surrounding municipalities and ended up with 140 independently unique and clearly defined official neighbourhoods that make up the city.

Fun Facts about Toronto

  • Toronto is the world’s fourth most livable city.
  • Toronto has more than 8000 restaurants.
  • The St. Lawrence Market is one of Canada’s great markets.  Runner up being Kensington Market
  • Toronto has 301 days of measurable sunshine.
  • Over 30% of Toronto residents speak a language other than English and French.  Dual language street signs can be found in Little Italy, Little Portugal and Chinatown.
  • The Toronto Stock Exchange is the third largest in North America and the seventh largest in the world based on capitalization.
  • Toronto ranks second as the world’s most business competitive global city.
  • The Toronto Islands, just a short ferry ride away from downtown Toronto, comprise the largest urban car-free community in North America.  They are also a very popular recreational destination and home to the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.

Toronto City Hall is located at:
100 Queen St. W
Toronto, ON, M5H 2N2

FREE Intro Hypnosis Toronto Session!

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To make sure you are comfortable with the process and my skills to assist YOU. Planning a course of action and setting firm goals are just a part of this session.  All information shared is completely confidential.

Satisfaction Guarantee!

Some people may worry that hypnosis won’t suit them or they may feel that they have wasted their time and money on a process that wasn’t right for them.
It is why I offer a Satisfaction Guarantee!  If at any time during an Office or Skype treatment session you do not feel satisfied with my work or are uncomfortable with the hypnosis process in any way then there is NO CHARGE for that session!