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Our Hypnosis Services

As a hypnotist in the Barrie Ontario area, I will guide you into the wonderful relaxing state of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a natural state of the mind, in which a person remains conscious while the body becomes completely relaxed. This occurs naturally in everyday life and is very similar to the trance-like feeling you have when you are daydreaming. As you enter the hypnotic state you become less aware of your surroundings and you become more consciously aware of your inner feelings.

Under hypnosis your attention is completely focused and everyday reality fades into the background as your mind carries you away to a different world of the imagination. You are still conscious, but your consciousness is temporarily altered.  This trance state is a very   pleasant feeling of calmness and deep relaxation.   In fact we reach this state every night just before we go to sleep.

What is Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy works with the mind to bring about positive change. Compared to other traditional talking therapies Hypnotherapy is a rapid form of therapy that aims to reach the subconscious mind and utilize inner resources for change. Using established and integrative techniques many clients experience positive changes after the first session (such as feeling more confident, calmer and relaxed). Hypnotherapy can be effective for a whole range of emotional and behavioural issues. It can help you to clear out unwanted thoughts and habits that are no longer wanted or necessary.

What does Hypnosis feel like?

During hypnosis you will feel pleasantly relaxed.  Some people report feelings of floating.  Most people express a feeling of ‘waiting for it to happen’ and commonly think they will be deep asleep.   In fact you are in a state of heightened awareness. You are not asleep and are fully in control throughout and can wake from the hypnotic state whenever you choose.

How does Hypnosis work?

Through the power of suggestion. I will facilitate change by placing positive suggestions into your subconscious mind for you to act on. For instance you may be asked to focus your attention on your breathing, or to imagine various things. During the induction, the therapist is likely to speak to you in a particular way, and at a particular tempo, which is designed to gently slow down the brainwaves. This will help you to gradually drift into the state of hypnotic trance, in which you will experience feelings of relaxation and well being.

Hypnosis is a 100% natural state; everyone has been in trance of varying degrees many times a day. It is not possible to become stuck in this trance because the client is always in control, although he may feel so comfortable that he may decide to remain in trance a little while longer. No one can stay in trance indefinitely; even if the therapist stopped talking for a while, the client’s bodily functions would eventually arouse him. The worst thing that can happen is that the client may become so comfortable that he/she will actually fall asleep.

It has been shown to be effective in treating a number of issues, including:

Weight management
Sleeping difficulties
Increasing confidence and self-esteem
Lack of confidence
Performance issues
Unwanted habits or addictions
Psycho-sexual problems
Goal achievement
Public speaking
Driving test fears
Guilt and shame