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Stress is everywhere in our society now and can cause real problems such as migraines, back problems, stomach and digestion problems. Sometimes stress and anxiety are caused by circumstances in your life at the present time; sometimes they are caused by problems from the past; sometimes it’s a mixture of the two – problems from the past affecting how you respond to situations in your present life.

Hypnosis can help with positive thinking and assertiveness, helping you to feel better about your ability to cope. Analytical hypnotherapy can be used to discover and remove the root cause of the symptoms in a gentle and quick way.

Along with EFT, stress and fears can be healed and taken out of your life!

Social Anxiety

Symptoms of social anxiety are many and include the following:
Blushing or fear of blushing
Stuttering or stammering
Lack of confidence
Fear of public speaking
Fear of talking on phone
Perfecting how you look
Repeated failure of driving test
Shy bladder in men
Fear of not making the grade
Setting impossible standards

The anxiety that is being triggered time and time again in social situations can often disappear completely with hypnosis. Why put up with something ‘inside yourself but outside your own control’ when it can be dealt with comparatively easily?