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Skype Hypnosis

Make the changes you want from the privacy and comfort of your own home!  International English speaking clients are always welcome.

Skype is a great way of getting your consultation and sessions without the travel and the rates are actually lower saving you even more money.

The first step is downloading Skype which can be found at  This is a free download.

After you have downloaded Skype you can then add me (tinabeattie333) to your contacts (I will confirm the addition).  You will need a mic and camera as well as a headset or speakers on your PC or laptop.  These are often a part of your laptop.  It is preferred to have a headset and mic although speakers are fine.  You will also need a private space with comfortable seating.  Reclining is always preferable.  The space should be free of pets or any interruptions.

You will then connect with me via Skype where we will do a consultation as well as a technical check to set you up for sessions.  This will take from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.  Providing the internet connection is good we can proceed.  If the internet connection is not good then an office visit will be the only choice.

After your consultation/technical appointment we will then schedule a time for your first session if you want to proceed.  At this time you will also pre-pay for your next session via credit card over the phone or Paypal.  All sessions are pre-paid.  Please remember to write down the time of your appointment so you don’t miss it.

What do you need for a Skype Hypnosis Session?

  • Access to high-speed internet
  • A webcam
  • Speakers and a mic or a headset with a microphone
  • Skype downloaded onto your computer and my address entered – tinabeattie333
  • A quiet private place that you can be comfortable in your home
  • All animals and people absent from the room


Skype Hypnosis FAQ’s

Is Skype hypnosis safe?

Yes it is.  Hypnosis via Skype is very safe.  Remember that hypnosis is a natural state of deep relaxation and that you are never unconscious.  During hypnosis the power of the sub-conscious becomes open to beneficial and positive suggestions.  You are always in control during hypnosis and are aware of everything going on around you as well as everything you say and do.

What if I lose the internet connection?

At the beginning of each Skype session you will be given a suggestion that if the connection is lost you will simply reconnect and then return to the same comfortable state that you were in before the connection was lost. Any lost time is added into the session!

Do I need a PayPal account for Skype Hypnosis?

A PayPal account is not a requirement, but is one option.  You can also use a debit or credit card which you will use through PayPal which is a very secure site.

Once we have finished the initial consultation/ technical  appointment and have booked  your subsequent appointment you can just click on the PayPal button to make your payment.    Once I have received a confirmation, I will send you an email to confirm your exact appointment details and you are ready to go!



So whenever  you are ready you can call or email to set up your first Skype consult/technical appointment.