Tina Beattie Blog

Tina Beattie Blog

This blog is about my thoughts on different states of humanity, society, psychology, politics.  They are my thoughts! They are not papers for publishing but ideas and beliefs based in experience and my own research.  I am not interested in quoting research or footnotes although that may change at some point.  This blog is meant to evolve into possibilities.  Possibilities for change for myself, society, a world in trauma.

None of my stories are based on real people or events, unless I actually state that they are.  They are fictionalized examples.

Any thoughts and/or ideas are welcome.  How can a world heal?  How can we heal together?  Can banding together in tribes, small and large help us heal?  If so, what would those tribes look like?  And can we have many tribes banding together in larger tribes until the tribe of sapiens becomes the most important tribe that there is? Where we are working together in spite of our differences towards a positive world?

Or is it all just a pipe dream!