Is Hypnotherapy the same as Psychotherapy?

There is a vast difference between hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. And although I use techniques to find where we are going in the hypnosis session it is different than psychotherapy. I am an emotionally focused hypnotist and so we will always discuss where you are emotionally during each session to get to the bottom of what is causing your concern and to make significant behavioral changes.

When there is apparent trauma, then I use the TIR in order to relieve and reduce the effects of the trauma. After the effects are significantly reduced then the hypnosis is brought in to effect change in belief systems that have been set in due to the trauma or other ways that belief systems are started.

I use methods in and out of hypnosis that help with significant change. And remembering that hypnosis can only bring about positive change as well as change that is for your benefit is key. So if you are motivated to make change, hypnosis is a very powerful tool!